The Douglass Update on Integrative Medicine (TDU) is a podcast about health, healing, and lifestyle focusing on science-based therapeutics and politics.

TDU features narrative and interview episodes (‘Updates’) that are concise, informative, and entertaining. 

Dr. William Campbell Douglass III, MD, MS (“Camp”) has over 30 years of integrative medicine practice experience. It is his passion to teach listeners important health-related topics and to keep them updated on the latest important scientific findings and political developments in healthcare.

We are confident that if you choose to sponsor The Douglass Update Podcast, your brand will have significant exposure. 

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We hope you will join us in integrating the best from all medical disciplines.


W. Campbell Douglass III MD, MS (“Camp”)

Potential TDU Sponsors: 

  1. Supplements: Nutraceuticals, botanicals
  2. Food products, stores, and grocery outlets
  3. Devices, equipment, and supplies: cooking, food processing, oral hygiene, light products, oxygen therapy, exercise, water, sleep, sauna, hydrotherapy
  4. Compounding pharmacies
  5. Organizations, programs, apps, services, health centers, clinics, spas
  6. Diagnostic companies
  7. Publishers
  8. Self-insurance companies