Failed FTX Cryptocurrency Funded the Fake TOGETHER Trial on Ivermectin for Early Treatment of COVID-19

Fake ‘TOGETHER’ Trial on Ivermectin:

In TDU Episode 1 (published July, 2022) we addressed the TOGETHER Trial on Ivermectin, and how during these days of medical fascism, we see how fake research begets fake news. Indeed, the fake and flawed TOGETHER trial was even touted by the WSJ as being proof that Ivermectin doesn’t work as an early treatment for patients infected with the COVID-19 virus. And yet the TOGETHER researchers predetermined that Ivermectin would fail. They administered too little Ivermectin too late (link to FLCCC analysis). 

Back then we knew that FTX cryptocurrency funded the TOGETHER trial on Ivermectin (see banner image above), but we thought nothing of it and couldn’t connect the dots to see the shameless corruption until we learned about the FTX bankruptcy on Nov. 11, 2022.

FTX is now embroiled in a class action lawsuit. And how many lives were lost as a result of the phony TOGETHER trial funded by the FTX (Almeda Research)? We’ll never know.

‘Crypto Bro’ Sam Bankman-Fried:

This is a blatant cryptocurrency-funded crypto-corruption. FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is an MIT “woke” genius, con artist billionaire, and mega-democrat left-wing donor (see below). Yet, incredibly, our ‘crypto-bro’ described his FTX venture as “effective altruism.”

The FTX-Ivermectin Link Seems Too Preposterous To Believe Unless We “Follow the Money Trail”:

This medical news as it relates to FTX funding of Ivermectin research is important. It should have made global headlines because it has far-reaching negative implications for Integrative Medicine and our personal medical freedoms. We hope that the economic and societal fallout from the FTX scandal might at least help vindicate the FLCCC, and what Dr. Pierre Kory has been saying all along about the true efficacy of Ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19.

FTX as Political Left-Wing Global Money Laundering Scheme:

SBF contributed to the campaign of Mitt Romney and other Republicans too. But during the recent 2022 midterms, SBF/FTX was the 2nd-largest donor to Democrat candidates. FTX also donated substantially to the DNC, and to the PAC “Protect Our Future”. But what could be farther from the truth? How about, “Ruin Our Future” as a more appropriate name for that organization?

National and Global Elites Tied Up with FTX and Named in the Class Action Lawsuit Against FTX:

Some of the ‘smaller’ FTX elites who are named in the class action lawsuit were designated as official FDX “brand ambassadors” include NFL Tom Brady, NBA Steph Curry, and Larry David (of Seinfeld fame and the Bernie Sanders mimic on SNL). And even Shaquille O’Neal is named (not as an FTX ambassador).

Not to imply criminal involvement by these celebrities, but FTX sure seems to have the makings of a money laundering scheme orchestrated by big-wig, politically far-left fraudsters. A lot of innocent investors now see that someone stole their money and invested it in left-wing causes – and critically important phony research on Ivermectin – without their consent.

Bigger and more concerning global elites who are invested in substantial FTX crypto funding include Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Rep. Maxine Waters (head of the House Financial Services Committee), Jill Sommers (FTX Board member and Obama’s former CFTC Commissioner), and Anthony Scaramucci. And it gets worse: Janet Yellen, Mike Pence, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Volodymyr Zelensky! Someday we’ll be able to see all the names, on a long list of the global elites involved.

“I Am Not to Blame, but Let’s Spotlight the Ivermectin Matter”:

Through their financial involvement with FTX, and indirectly funding the TOGETHER trial, might at least some of these elites be responsible for helping to suppress Ivermectin and other effective early treatments against COVID-19, and contributing to the loss of possibly millions of lives?

On the other hand, at least some of these elites may be completely innocent investors/recipients of the FTX crypto funds, previously ignorant of the grand money-laundering scheme and the fake TOGETHER trial research. But there’s probably been a whole lot of unnecessary morbidity and mortality that likely occurred as a result of the phony research. And so wouldn’t it be nice if at least some of these people become spokespersons, and publically acknowledge the unethical FTX-funded fake research on Ivermectin, and the ghastly public health damages it has probably caused? Maybe Tom Brady could step up.

Quiz for review and projection into the future:

  1. T or F: The fake FTX-TOGETHER trial is anathema to Integrative Medicine and our freedom to integrate the best from all medical disciplines. A: True. And it’s almost too nefarious to comprehend.
  2. T or F: Had it not been for FTX funding the fake TOGETHER trial, early treatment of COVID-19 infections using Ivermectin may have saved millions of lives. A: True. Fake research is evil. It kills. But we’ll never be able to know the actual number of lives lost as a result of the phony TOGETHER trial.
  3. T or F: Crypto Bro SBF and other elite defendants in the FTX class action lawsuit will probably serve prison time. A: Not likely.
  4. T or F: The FTX scandal is likely to be used as an excuse for the need to usher in the ‘safer’ and more ‘secure’ US central bank digital currency (CBDC), as a more stable option to the other cryptocurrencies. A: True.
  5. T or F: Your personal national CBDC will be tied to your national biometric digital IDA: True.

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