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FTX Cryptocurrency Scandal, TOGETHER Trial, and Ivermectin – Negative Implications for Integrative Medicine and your Personal Freedoms

Fake ‘TOGETHER’ Trial on Ivermectin: In TDU Episode 1 (published July, 2022) we addressed the TOGETHER Trial on Ivermectin, and how during these days of medical fascism, we see how fake research […]

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8. Guidance from the Florida Department of Health Vis-a-Vis Medical Fascism

In episode 8 we revisit the Guidance document published by Florida Surgeon General, Dr. Joe Ladapo MD, Ph.D., to stress its importance establishing informed consent as the new requirement – the standard […]

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7. Florida’s Guidance on COVID-19 MRNA Shots – A Godsend for Free Speech

Integrating the best from all medical disciplines (our tagline) requires freedom, and free access to legitimate, scientific data and information. And above all, Integrative Medicine requires that we have the unencumbered right […]

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5. Pfizer’s Fascist Defense Against Fraud Allegations

Medical fascism = ‘Medical corporatism gone mad’. It’s a mutant, two-headed monster: the progeny of Big-Pharma cross-breeding with our government healthcare agencies, drug-maker lobbying groups, and medical professional societies. Pfizer vaccine-researcher-turned-whistleblower Brook […]

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2. Signs of These Medical Fascism Times

Medical fascism: The intertwining of Big Pharma with the government health care agencies of HHS (one arm of the ‘4th branch’ of government), protected and fostered by administrative laws – “Healthcare corporatism […]

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