6. Rank and File Perspective on Adverse Events from the Pfizer Genetic Vaccine

This episode of TDU is from the perspective Dr. Douglass, a rank-in-file primary care/integrative medicine physician who sees significant numbers of vaccine-injured patients. Ten (10) cases from his practice are discussed (patient […]

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5. Pfizer’s Fascist Defense Against Fraud Allegations

Medical fascism = ‘Medical corporatism gone mad’. It’s a mutant, two-headed monster: the progeny of Big-Pharma cross-breeding with our government healthcare agencies, drug-maker lobbying groups, and medical professional societies. Pfizer vaccine-researcher-turned-whistleblower Brook […]

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2. Signs of These Medical Fascism Times

Medical fascism: The intertwining of Big Pharma with the government health care agencies of HHS (one arm of the ‘4th branch’ of government), protected and fostered by administrative laws – “Healthcare corporatism […]

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