5. Pfizer’s Fascist Defense Against Fraud Allegations

Sep 30, 2022
  1. Medical fascism = ‘Medical corporatism gone mad’. It’s a mutant, two-headed monster: the progeny of Big-Pharma cross-breeding with our government healthcare agencies, drug-maker lobbying groups, and medical professional societies.
  2. Pfizer vaccine-researcher-turned-whistleblower Brook Jackson blows the whistle on Pfizer.
  3. Pfizer appears to admit to fraud and coverups but uses its co-involvement – its medical fascist relationship – with the FDA as its alibi.
  4. For excellent coverage of this case against Pfizer and the FDA, see the Viva and Barnes podcast. Attorney Robert Barnes is the prosecuting attorney defending Brook Jackson. 
  5. Why is this case against Pfizer and the FDA over the COVID-19 mRNA inoculations important for TDU listeners? Because it’s an example of the profound threats we are experiencing against our individual, national, and global healthcare freedoms to integrate what’s best from all medical disciplines.
  6. See Adverse Events from Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Categorized by System and Associated Autoimmune Mechanisms
  7. We thank Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency again, for suing the FDA and Pfizer and forcing them to release the famous Pfizer document(s) that document the Adverse Events from the mRNA inoculations
  8. And again: Why this mainstream media blackout on this important information? Listen to to this Update to find out.

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