10. Federal Lawsuit Against the Medical Fascist Technocrats of Facebook, Twitter and the Biden Administration

Nov 16, 2022

Billboard Near CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, GA 

(Bold move by Steve Kirsch and the VSRF)

  1. “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell.
  2. The lawsuit by Attorney Generals Mr. Jeff Landry and Eric Schmitt: The State of Missouri and State of Louisiana v. Joseph R. Biden
  3. Anthony Fauci, the Biden Administration, Facebook and Twitter must testify under oath in this federal lawsuit that addresses the suppression of free speech (gross violations of our 1st Amendment rights). 
  4. Evidence supports the allegations that the Biden administration made Facebook and Twitter an integral part of their propaganda programming machine during the COVIDcrisis. 
  5. Dozens of top Biden Administration officials allegedly colluded with Twitter and Facebook to censor freedom of speech on COVID-19. Even online parodies about Anthony Fauci have been largely removed and replaced by pro-Fauci content. 
  6. Behind all medical fascist thugs have always been well-orchestrated fascist regimes and their highly effective propaganda machines.
  7. Listen and learn about the ‘famous 45’ authorities, and the ‘88 communications’ from the Biden administration, including the CDC, NIH, Surgeon General, US Treasury, CISA, and others, and how they appear to have colluded to suppress free speech that is still critically important for your health and healing. For an extensive, but somewhat incomplete list of the ‘bad actors,’ see this edition of Coffee & Covid by attorney Jeff Childers.
  8. It looks like, once again, We The People have been bamboozled by the deep state (‘the administrative state’; ‘the swamp’; the ‘4th branch of government’).
  9. Are we seeing a very real technocratic medical fascist conspiracy? Or is all this simply a ‘conspiracy theory’? You need to decide for yourself.
  10. The lawsuit is an example of states rights in action, thanks to the 10th Amendment of our Bill of Rights. And it is very important for Integrative Medicine – our freedom to integrate the best from all medical disciplines. 
  11. Rock on Missouri and Louisiana!
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