12. V-Safe Scandal and the COVID mRNA Jabs – First the FDA, now it’s the CDC

Jan 09, 2023
  1. V-Safe Scandal: In this TDU episode 12, we address the CDC’s coverup of the adverse events (AEs) from the COVID-19 messenger RNA shots (the so-called ‘vaccines’). The AEs were reported to the CDC’s own V-Safe program, but they refused to release the data until they were sued to do so. We thank Steve Kirsch for bringing this to our attention. Also see Children’s Health Defense and Epoch Times.
  2. FDA-Pfizer Flashback: TDU listeners are reminded of episodes 3, 4, and 5  when we looked at the same shenanigans by the FDA and Pfizer when they tried to cover up the AEs from the jabs until they too were sued and forced to release the data. 
  3. Paramount Public Importance: The forced transparency by both of these public health agencies (the FDA and CDC) revealed information that is ‘of paramount public importance’ for your health individually, and for Integrative Medicine as a whole. 
  4. Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri Understand the Responsibility:  In the V-Safe scandal, we can thank Mr. Del Bigtree and attorney Aaron Siri for being the American heroes who ‘understand the responsibility that comes with freedom’ (quoting Bob Dylan), and taking legal action against the CDC perpetrators.
  5. V-Safe AEs Data: 33% of COVID-19 jab recipients experienced ‘significant’ AEs, and 7% ended up at the hospital. Find this information on the ICAN interactive V-Safe dashboard.
  6. V-Safe AEs, the Tip of the Iceberg: Keep in mind that the V-Safe AEs include just the acute and subacute problems from the COVID shots, whereas the chronic systemic autoimmune problems is a separate ‘can of worms’. 
  7. Follow the CDC Money Trail: We also follow the money trail of CDC Foundation funding and explore why 10,000 CDC employees are ‘spiritually gagged’ and why, despite the plethora of peer-reviewed journal reports demonstrating the harms from the COVID-19 mRNA shots, they will not ‘blow the whistle’ to expose the CDC’s corruption.
  8. Public Service Announcement: LISTEN study has been established at Yale University to explore the chronic auto-immune problems resulting from vaccine injury.
  9. Other references: A) Increases in all-cause mortality; B) Decreases in birth rates. Are these from the COVID-19 mRNA inoculations, or simply coincidental associations – from the ‘Not-The-Vaccine Disease’ (NTVD)?
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