16. Willingness to Question the Pharmacracy Cash Cow

Jun 17, 2023

Cartoon used with permission from Ben Garrison at www.grrrgraphics.com. Thanks Ben! 🤓

In this episode of TDU, we glance back briefly at the global Big Pharma pyramid scheme called the World Health Organization (WHO). It represents the head of the bewildering global biomedical fascist cabal, with hidden agendas, masterminding secret schemes to prioritize public health above our cherished civil liberties and individual rights. WHO knew? I liken the WHO to the black spider at the center of the intricate sticky web of power and manipulation by the global elite. And we also introduce the term ‘Pharmacracy,’ which is another way of describing Big Pharma’s growing and powerful tyrannical control of us all, AKA the biomedical security state, as Governor DeSantis describes it.

And a big shoutout to the talented political cartoonist Ben Garrison for his masterpiece, the “Cash Cow.” Check out the cartoon of Big Pharma greedily milking the FDA. But who gets milked most, ultimately? That would be you and me – We The People.

Listen for the answers:

What’s a foolproof method to detect if you’ve been hypnotized by the delusional, prevailing narratives? Are you ready to challenge your own beliefs? 

What ingredients still simmer in the bubbling COVID cauldron of “propaganda stew”? And who’s stirring the pot? Brace yourself to get another whiff of mainstream media manipulation.

What makes Tucker Carlson and James O’Keefe (the outspoken rebels with a cause) so essential in the battle against the pharmacracy? And what really happened to these truth seekers when they dared to speak out against Big Pharma? What price did they pay for telling the truth, and unveiling the secrets?

How do TV commercials reveal a station’s allegiance to Big Pharma? Let’s start decoding the hidden messages behind those enticingly seductive advertisements about all the brand-spanking new patented drugs. 

And why is it that all of the talking heads on mainstream media conveniently dodge discussing the dangers and inefficacy of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’? Let’s be frank: The COVID jabs are inoculations of genetic material called messenger RNA. And the vaccine makers are indemnified from being sued for the injuries occurring. And this is rather concerning, isn’t it? And so why all the silence? Prepare for a journey into the land of calculated narratives and selective reporting. Who can you trust?

When media fails, tyrannical control ensues, and societies crumble. Honest journalism has given way to emotionally entertaining propaganda. How did we end up here? It’s time we unveil and shine the spotlight on the tragic transformation of the media landscape.

Let’s piece together the puzzle and unveil the truth hidden amidst the smoke and mirrors, emerging from the fog of mainstream narratives. George Orwell wrote that, at any point in history, “there is a sort of all-pervading orthodoxy – a general tacit agreement – not to discuss some large and uncomfortable fact.” We’re at such a point in history. And so are you willing to question the uncomfortable facts about the ‘Pharmacracy Cash Cow’ – the global elitists’ system that thrives on pharmaceutical profits? 
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