8. Guidance from the Florida Department of Health Vis-a-Vis Medical Fascism

Oct 22, 2022

In episode 8 we revisit the Guidance document published by Florida Surgeon General, Dr. Joe Ladapo MD, Ph.D., to stress its importance establishing informed consent as the new requirement – the standard of care – before people receive any more of these COVID-19 mRNA injections. 

And in a nutshell, here’s the new standard for the informed consent: “…patients should be informed of the possible cardiac complications that can arise after receiving a messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine”.

We also touch upon how the lack of informed consent we’ve all experienced while being forced to receive these mRNA shots parallels the eugenics forced by the Nazi party – the National Socialist German Workers’ Party – in the 1930s, and how those atrocites led to the set of ethical principles that serve as the foundation of the Nuremberg Code.

Indeed, the Guidance harnesses the spirit of freedom embodied in the Nuremberg Code, and you’ll hear how the document figuratively shoves the Code onto the face of today’s national and global medical fascists – the likes of Adolf Hitler – who do not like their narratives and their frauds, corruptions and coverups to be exposed.
Don’t consent to these mRNA genetic shots until you are satisfied that you have been sufficiently informed by investigating all perspectives from the mainstream media and the alternative media, like TDU. And don’t just rely on what your own doctor tells you. He may have swallowed the Blue Pill that is being dispensed straight from the medical fascists’ own  Disinformation Playbook.

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