9. Part 1: VAERS Vindicates the Vaccine Skeptics and Whistleblowers

Nov 03, 2022
A small sampling of published reports of heart damage from the COVID-19 mRNA shots. For a comprehensive overview of the numerous other adverse events click here
Image credit: Coffee & COVID (Substack)

Show Notes:

  1. During the first few minutes of this Update, we report on how the FLCCC knocked the ball out of the park with its inaugural conference, Understanding and Treating Spike Protein-Induced Diseases, and why this conference may be extremely important to the ongoing evolution of Integrative Medicine. 
  2. Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory, both highly published doctors, and hundreds of other physicians are now seeing that the need for rigid adherence to strictly allopathic medicine – with its ‘all-patent-drugs’ and ‘all-surgery’ approach – is largely a myth
  3. The FLCCC conference might make history as the event that marked the awakening of a powerhouse of medical intellects who will now enter the world of science-based integrative medicine!
  4. Then the focus of this TDU episode shifts to the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and how the data truly vindicates the vaccine skeptics and whistleblowers who have been sounding the alarms about the adverse events (AE’s) from these COVID-19 messenger RNA shots – they’re the  ‘vaccines’ that aren’t really vaccines. 
  5. Be sure to check out the more user-friendly portals of the VAERS data at OpenVAERS.com, VAERSaware.com, and VAERSanalysis.info

It’s important to be reminded that these are inoculations of genetic material (mRNA) and that the AEs from the shots are shockingly frequent, yet

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