7. Florida’s Guidance on COVID-19 MRNA Shots – A Godsend for Free Speech

Oct 15, 2022
  1. Integrating the best from all medical disciplines (our tagline) requires freedom, and free access to legitimate, scientific data and information. And above all, Integrative Medicine requires that we have the unencumbered right to free and confidential speech with our own doctors! That is our 1st Amendment right. And Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo has just done a really big thing to ensure that right for us. 
  2. Click here to read this important one-page document from the Florida Department of Health that is making history: Health Guidance for messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines. 
  3. From Florida’s own research (a controlled case series) here’s what was found as a result of the COVID-19 messenger RNA shots: An 84% increase in deaths from damage to the heart. That’s from the myocarditis and pericarditis we’ve been talking about in previous TDU episodes.
  4. And here’s the clencher from Florida’s ‘Guidance’ document: “Based on currently available data, patients should be informed of the possible cardiac complications that can arise after receiving an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.” This essentially means informed consent is required (finally!), and that starting now, it is the standard of care for your doctor to be informing you of the risks. It also means he or she should no longer be afraid to speak out about the harm these genetic vaccines are causing.
  5. This one-page ‘Guidance’ document is like an umbrella of protection over one of the most historically sacred dynamics known to man: Patients’ freedom to have private communications with their chosen healthcare provider. 
  6. The free speech gates are open. Now let’s see how the justice system responds in our fight against the prevailing censorship and cancellations going on by the medical fascists of the day.
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